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There are ten ways to roll either of these two totals individually. Again, there are different standard pays depending on where you are.

This bet is one of the rare cases in which a lower payout has a greater house edge against the player for a similar bet type. There are a few other long-shot type bets available for Sic Bo players which we will now discuss.

The first bet is one on a specific triple, which means , Those are the most common bets, but there are three others to discuss. Before we get into that, here is a table of the Sic Bo bets and House Edges by jurisdiction:. For example, the player could bet on , and if those were both on any of the three dice, that would be a win.

This is a bet that a single number will come up on at least two dice. If the result is a triple on the selected number, the bet still wins. We know that there are three ways that two of the same face can come up on the dice with one opposing number from before, so that adds up to fifteen ways as there are five total opposing numbers.

There is also one way to make a triple, so we end up with a total of sixteen ways that an individual bet could win and ways for it to lose. This is a bet on any individual number coming up, but it has different pays depending on how many of them come up. The first thing that we want to do is start with the probability of a number NOT coming up and work backwards:.

The probability of winning such a bet would be:. Some casinos offer a bet that they total will be odd or even, with triples losing. Sic Bo is a game that works highly to the benefit of online casino operators because they can change the house edge to whatever they like, from a Variance standpoint, just by altering the pays.

Many online casinos go with either the American or Australian rules, but others may offer even better odds than those, particularly on longer shot bets.

Unfortunately, a few online casinos operate under Macau rules, so players who like to make the more long-shot type bets should be encouraged to avoid those in favor of more liberal casinos. Many online casino operators who spread this game will not allow to be played on a bonus, because it invites the possibility of making a big bet on a longer-shot type bet and then switching to one of the 2.

When casinos do allow this game to be played on a bonus, players should expect greater wagering requirements to meet the necessary playthrough. This is true of most table games and is due to the reduced house edge.

Casinos are also mostly aware of the possibility of opposite betting to grind out playthrough requirements, but a player doing that will likely be identified as a bonus abuser and winnings could be forfeited. Casinos may even adjust the house edge by adding partial unit payouts. Common among these is adding a half a unit to reduce the House Edge on a particular bet.

The main difference between playing live and playing online is that online casinos generally have reduced minimums as compared to live casinos. This is certainly a boon to low-rollers who might enjoy being able to stretch out their playtime on a small buy-in.

Another difference is that a Sic Bo layout can get pretty crazy in the Live Casino if the table is full. There are bets going around all over the place, and honestly, the layout is probably going to confuse the player a bit if he or she does not become accustomed to looking at it online first to know where all of the bets are located.

There are much better games that can be played and stretch out your money further, especially in Live Casinos. Both Craps especially on a busy table and single-zero Roulette will play slower and have a lower house edge if you stick to the best bets.

Most casinos offer better Video Poker games than the house edges offered with the Even Money Sic Bo bets. Even with that, Sic Bo is loved by a good many people, particularly Asian gamblers. It can also be something of a social game if most of the table is betting the same way.

If you must play, expect and do not be surprised to lose quickly unless you are betting very small amounts. Before choosing your casino and making a deposit, if Sic Bo is your game, we strongly recommend taking a look at the paytable for that individual casino and making your decision accordingly.

For whatever reason, RTG uses the Macau rules for some of the bets, which makes the Sic Bo game there in general a lot worse than any other online casino. Casinos powered by Novomatic or Gamesys N. will tend to offer the best Sic Bo games, if they have them at all. The reason why is that these two software manufacturers have adjusted their payouts such that as many bets as possible have the same House Edge as do the Even Money bets.

One example is the Any Triple bet. All they did was increase the pays to , so here is what happens:. As you can see, the House Edge is the same as it would be on any of the other Even Money bets, so this is definitely a software provider s to look for if you would like to make the long-shot bets at the game of Sic Bo.

Just make sure to understand how all of the pays and probabilities correspond to the House Edge, because not all of the bets are as low as 2. At a House Edge of 2. That maximum wager is going to be imperative to having an advantage on this. However, we can use this as a tool to determine what we might have done had the Table Limits been higher.

On the other hand, maybe we can do something with this actual Bonus. You could also make each bet on Six or Fifteen, it makes no difference. We have a low probability of winning, in this case, but we may have a positive expectation:.

In other words, even though the amounts seem small, as you can see, there is a ton of upside with this play when we look at what we would profit if successful.

Since being introduced to American casinos at the start of the 20th century, sic bo has increased in popularity across the Western world. Sic bo is now one of the most played offline and online casino games in the world.

As with many casino games, the odds of winning at sic bo depend on the type of bet that you wager. The best odds you will find are 1 to 1 for big, small, odd, and even bets , while the worst is to 1 for specific 'alls' or 'triples'.

You should select the strategy that best matches your mindset and game style, taking neither more or less risk than you feel comfortable with.

Your browser is out of date and may not be supported! Please consider updating your browser by clicking here. Browse all Casino Online Tips. Sic Bo. Sic bo strategy Sic Bo Strategy Guide - Best Sic Bo Tips Sic bo has been played for centuries and is popular across the Eastern and Western worlds.

Sic Bo Is Played On A Table Like blackjack and craps the other major casino game to use dice , sic bo is played on a table — you can see the layout of the game in the image below: Bets are placed across various areas of the table, with the dice contained inside a chest that the dealer looks after.

Low-To-Medium-Risk Sic Bo Strategy Slightly less low risk, than the Small or Big bet, betting on a single sic bo number coming up is still a fairly low-risk bet. Medium-Risk Strategy For Sic Bo Betting on specific Sic Bo number totals is a difficult thing to do, but people do because of the high payouts.

High-Risk Sic Bo Strategy The most high-risk sic bo bet is betting on a specific triple. Tips For Winning At Sic Bo: Use The Smallest Denominations If you are going make these high-risk sic bo bets you should wager only the smallest denominations.

FAQs How Can I Play Sic Bo On Slotomania? Specific Doubles. At least two of the dice will show a specific number such as 2. Over the years Sic Bo has become a staple at most online and land-based casinos, along with that other popular dice game Craps.

However, a lot of people are still not familiar with the rules of this casino game, so in this article we are going to explain the rules of Sic Bo in a clear and straightforward way, so that you can enjoy this dice game next time you visit the casino.

The basic gameplay of Sic Bo is extremely simple. Put simply, players bet upon the outcome of three dice rolled by the dealer.

A board shows various different betting option, and a bet is placed by placing your betting token on the relevant segment s of the board. Again, rolling a triple one does not win the Small bet. Statistically speaking some totals are much more likely to appear than others, as we will show in the table below, and the house edge ranges from 9.

For this bet the player chooses a specific number between one and six. The payout varies depending on whether your chosen number appears on one, two or all three dice, as per the table below. The house edge always stays the same, but there are huge differences in the probability of your chosen number showing up on one, two or three dice.

Here are some additional Sic Bo bets which are not available on all tables, but which you may find on selected Sic Bo games. Note that the following bets are not generally offered when playing Sic Bo online. Of course only three dice are used when playing Sic Bo, so this bet is asking the player to choose three out of four numbers in given combinations.

The four combos are: 1,2,3,4 — 2,3,4,5 — 2,3,5,6 — 3,4,5,6. The player selects one of these sets of numbers, and if any three of the four numbers picked show up then it is a win for the player.

The player chooses any three numbers and wins if all three selected numbers appear when the dice are rolled. The player selects a specific double eg two 4s and another specific number eg 5 , and wins if both come up.

In this example, a player would win if the rolled dice finished on 4, 4, 5. As a dice game, there are no tips or tricks that will enable you to influence the roll of those three dice.

Sic Bo is a casino game, popular in Asia and widely played (as dai siu) in casinos in Macau, Hong Kong. It is played in the Philippines as hi-lo. It was Sic Bo is a simple dice game based on chance. All you need to do is place your chips on a bet box on the table. The dice are shaken and if the outcome of the Hailing from China, Sic Bo is a game that is very easy to learn. Three dice are shaken in a small bowl and then thrown onto a table


Pragmatic Play Sic Bo Live Review \u0026 Playing Strategy Técnicas de Sic Bo you want Ingresos online efectivos make Técnocas triple bet, the best strategy is Slc go for "any Lista de victorias MLB, the payout is less than ve specific triple, but Legalidad Ruleta Online chances of winning it are far higher. Select language English. FR 09 74 75 13 13 — STANDARD RATE CALL. It is played in the Philippines as hi-lo. Fortunately, the Land Down Under knows it is more profitable to shear a sheep rather than kill it and offers the best odds:. What is the house edge for Sic Bo? Sic Bo Strategy Guide

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